“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”

~ Margaret Mead

Founded in 2012, we  are a small charity organization based in Bergen, Norway consisting of 10 boardmembers and around 40+ active members. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds with different skills. Our charity works in a way that wants to include everyone who wants to contribute, not just in donating, but also in enjoying by joining performing arts in our different cultural presentations. We conduct at least two events a year where we earn fundings for our charity works that is mainly in the Philippines.

Sonnie Jay D. Valderrama
Sonnie Jay D. ValderramaPresident of the board
Trained and a graduate in culinary arts at Sandsli Videregående in Bergen. Her passions in charity and community services, were encouraged by her late mother in law. She strongly believes that if everyone unites they can achieve and conquer anything and become successful in reaching a common goal. By her thoughts, all humanity deserves equal respect and values wherever they are.
Jinelyn V. Virdee
Jinelyn V. VirdeePublic relations officer
Studied business and management at AMA college in the Philippines. She currently works as an assistant teacher at St. Pauls school for children. Her duty in Hawak Kamay Bergen is with the public relations officers. Her motivation to work for the organization is for her to have an opportunity to help her fellow countrymen.
Nancy Fernandez Luna
Nancy Fernandez LunaAssistant Treasurer
Nancy graduated fromLaguna College with a degree of BSC-Accounting, with 25 years of experience in accounting field. Currently working at GAC Norway AS. The HKB GOAL give me motivation to join the organization and “to help is a great feeling”.
Noel B. Alarcon
Noel B. AlarconMedia staff
Studied Computer Science at AMA college in the Philippines. He has backgrounds in graphic design and is also a trained stage technician. He works for the media group as a graphics designer for the different publications in web and print. And he is also in charge for technicalities in stage. His motivation for working in Hawak Kamay Bergen, is being able to use his skills at the same time being a rawmodel for others in helping other people.
Reuel A. Cataylo
Reuel A. CatayloMedia Staff
Reuel has background in visual communication and design. He works for the media group and is responsible for the visual publications in digital and print. His work includes the documentation of the progress the organization makes in Norway and abroad. He is motivated by the people and the stories around the organizations projects.
Justice A. Culi
Justice A. CuliLiaison Officer
A bachelor of science in physical therapy. Has a background as an instructor and volunteer in the Philippine red cross ( Emergency Medical Technician). He is also a trained lifeguard and liscensed diver. He loves extremesports and has also different backgrounds in this field. He is Hawak Kamay Bergen´s liaison officer and is in charge of managing and directing the projects that are happening in the Philippines. He is motivated by meeting different kinds of people in different kinds of lives. He is an anthropologist by heart.
Stephen Loo Tee
Stephen Loo TeeSecurity
Trained in logistics. He is in charge of the security of the events and the safety of the people working in the different parts of the projects being worked on by the organization. His motivation is his willingness to help people both young and old in the Philippines, and also to see the interesting progress being done in the projects.