Restore Philippines Project

This initiative started when the strongest typhoon in human history stroke the islands of the Philippines in November 8, 2013. With wind strength 345 km/h combined with pouring rain and giant waves. Many families lost their houses and livelihood, many establishments were totally ruined and many lives were lost.

In November 2013 our organization had successfully delivered five days ration of food and water to families of Panay Island, which covered approximately 3 600 people, with the help of our Liaison officer in the Philippines and many other volunteers, to send relief goods as quickly as possible, since the victims have starved for 3- 4 days after typhoon Haiyan passed by.

Since the aftermath was overwhelmingly devastating, the Hawak Kamay Bergen board members and our Liaison officer in the Philippines decided to continue with our efforts. Our ongoing project called “Restore Philippines Livelihood” has started in March 2014.

After three years of hard work, this video culminates the effort of Hawak Kamay members and it’s donators and supporters.

In continuation with our effort, we started Restore Philippines Livelihood Project by helping rice farmers with their damaged irrigation system. Why Livelihood project? It’s because we believe that it is possible to help more by helping them in such a way that they can be self-sustainable in the future. We are giving them their way of living back. Just the way they have lived it for many hundreds of years.

Why we chose to help rice farmers? We chose rice farmers in Pinantan Diel, because it is one of the vital livelihoods in that area. Rice is one of the important sources of food in the Philippines and at the same time the donated engine and pumps provides water to our recipients.

We still need your help.
Our Livelihood project is far from being completed. We still have remaining recipients who are desperately hoping to receive engines and pumps. All our recipients lost their houses, clothes, personal belongings and their livelihood. If you can help them with their livelihood, then you are giving them hope for survival with a brighter future.

This video was of first Restore Philippines Livelihood Project in 2014. Narrated by Nenita Azuelo, one of the survivors Tyhoon Hyain.

How can you help? You can also support us in any form of help like by participating in our events, any form of volunteering work during our events and help us provide any support you can offer. All contributions are greatly appreciated. If you feel being extra generous you are welcome to donate to HKB bank account. Thank you very much in advance, may you continue to support us.

What are our completed charity projects? Hawak Kamay Bergen had successfully sent help to two beneficiaries in the Philippines in year 2013 (Gender Watch Against Violence and Exploitation. La Casa Esperanza). These two charity organizations who plays a very important role to help rehabilitate children experiencing traumatic situations (from serious domestic violence, rape, victims of human trafficking, street children). HKB sent help through life skills education to empower survivors and to prepare them to go back to their respective families and society, facility room where they can actively use for their activities and other rehabilitation courses and scholarship;

(1) Gender Watch Against Violence and Exploitation (GWAVE) and

(2) La Casa Esperanza (The house of hope, a crisis center).

(3) Shoes project, we sent two big boxes of shoes to children in Cebu City Philippines October 2013 in cooperation with SFO St. Paul school.

(4) Restore Philippines emergency aid, November 16 – 18, 2013 where we sent five days rations of food and water to more than 3 600 Typhoon Haiyan survivors in Panay Islands Philippines. Direct project lead by our Liaison officer in the Philippines.

(5) Restore Philippines Livelihood project a continuation of our initiative and our biggest project so far, to help Typhoon Haiyan survivors in Pinantan Diel become self sufficient. This project took more than 2 years to complete (year 2014 – 2016). The results were amazing; beneficiaries of rice irrigation system are now self-sufficient, managed to rebuild their homes, able to send their children to school and generating work to neighboring barangays/villages during harvesting seasons. Direct project lead by our Liaison officer in the Philippines.

(6) Relief goods mission to Typhoon Nina last January 01, 2017. The organization sent three days rations of food and water to over 250 Irayan families in Mindoro Philippines. Direct project lead by Dr. Ruth Alolod and volunteers in the Philippines. In cooperation with other local donors.

Our Mission: “Extend for humanity”.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Our Vision:  “We are active in community service. Our vision is to extend our help for any humanitarian cause.”