Arranging cultural presentations , most of them in Norway , is our main source of income for funding. Our yearly event which is the Filipino Cultural Presentation, is a cultural performance showing various musical and dance arts from the Philippines, visual arts about the beautiful places ideal for tourism, mouth watering Filipino cuisine and many more. We also have other events such as sports tournaments, concerts, modern dance shows, different stage performances etc.. Anything that comes up creatively and that we think the community will become engaged in enjoyment together. We encourage everyone in the community to participate , from all ages, all backgrounds, all colors and all nationalities.

The fundings from these events go directly to our charity projects in the Philippines, where it is closely monitored by our liaison Officers. People can also join us on our operations in the Philippines also if they wish and experience for themselves on how we work for the different recipients.

We support the resilience and the perseverance of the human spirit